Installing Qbox

The Qbox distribution can be downloaded as a tar file from

Example Makefiles are available in the build/ directory of the distribution.

The Qbox distribution is also available from the Qbox GitLab server using:

$ git clone

Installation steps

Note: The installation steps are described below for version 1.64.0. Please change the version number accordingly for later versions.

  1. Unpack the Qbox tar file:

    $ tar zxf qb-1.64.0.tgz
  2. Identify a file in the build directory that is closest to your platform (e.g. and create a copy <myplatform>.mk where <myplatform> is any name that identifies the current platform:

    $ cd rel1_64_0/src
    $ cp ../build/ <myplatform>.mk
  3. Edit the file <myplatform>.mk to customize for the current platform:

    $ vi <>
  4. Compile:

    $ export TARGET=<myplatform>
    $ make

The Qbox executable is rel1_64_0/src/qb.